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Our history

The story of Akas'cha is also that of its founder, Paskal Daze. DJ and producer by profession, Paskal has always given great importance to his diet in order to enable him to support his active lifestyle.

A native of Canada, his musical talents took him to Europe, to Ibiza, where he was able to make a living from his passion and connect people through his love of music. Like many people, the pandemic has had a direct impact on his profession, prompting him to return to Canada in the year 2022. Strangely, his return coincides with the appearance of several health complications; digestion, swelling, back pain and more.

After multiple visits to the hospital, the verdict falls; Paskal is diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome in addition to a high level of intestinal acidity. Determined to regain an optimal state of health, Paskal then turned to naturopathy. He then begins a series of changes that include a natural herbal treatment protocol as well as major dietary changes. The hardest change to absorb? The ban on drinking coffee, something he loved so much!

Understanding, the naturopath from Paskal then suggested that he find an alternative to traditional coffee. The tests follow each other and resemble each other; it's hard to find a great-tasting, rich-textured replacement! This is how Akas'cha comes to life in January 2022.

In order to fulfill his dream, Paskal collaborates with a recipe creator specializing in natural products. By combining the benefits of caffeine with the benefits of mushrooms, we obtain products of exceptional quality with the possibility of contributing to the good health of people and this, in all simplicity.

Like Paskal, we hope Akas'cha will empower you to lead a lifestyle of health, fitness and vitality. Thank you for your support!

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